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Warcry Recruit a Friend

Recruit your Friends

Recruiting friends has many benefits! Your friends, however, must become eligable for the program. To become eligible, your referrals must have at least one level 60 character or a level 80 for the Death Knight class.

Warcry Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker

You can report any non working content in-game or on our website or forum. If we approve your bug report you will receive 4 Silver Coins. Please try to include as much information in the report as you can, set the right priority of your report and the right category.

Warcry Teleporter

Unique Teleporter

The Teleporter is a free tool that can be used while you are in-game and does not require you to log out. The teleporter has a 5 minute cooldown.

Warcry Items Store

Items Store

In reward of your voting and support of our community you will be able to spend your Silver or Gold Coins on our store. You can purchase all items bellow item level 248 with Silver Coins or Gold Coins. You can also purchase more than one item at a time. (See how to use the Store here !)

Warcry Bug Tracker


The changelog page enables you to view our developers current projects.. Please keep in mind that not all changes are currently applied to the game or the website, but will be on the next server restart.